I keep going over mums final day and have some guilt. She had been in hospital for 4 weeks and her wish was to get home which we achieved. She was home on weds 27 april in the morning and had a lovely day at home albeit in a hospital bed. We knew it was only a matter of time but the next day she wasn't speaking just making moan sounds and i started to have like a panic attack as she had regular temperatures and i couldn't even get her to take soluble paracetamol through a baby beaker without her nearly choking. My dad was there but like head in sand. I freaked out to the hospital on the phone and tried to get them to get mum in a hospice or something as i felt i couldn't cope and had no control to help her. Mum actually passed that afternoon at 2.15pm after she had received her just in case meds from a district nurse late that morning. It was peaceful and no struggle but i feel so bad about how i flipped out that morning but i felt completely alone. Can anyone advise what they think?

Posted by jlm74 at 2022-08-05 18:47:12 UTC