I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with a girl, I lost my dad May 10th so he won’t meet this baby and never got a change to see me pregnant. I have 2 other kids who got to know him and love him. His name is David and I heard the name Davi/Davy on a tv show and really liked it and thought it would be a really nice way to remember my dad. So I suggested it to my husband because we still don’t have a name, but he said it’s dumb and a terrible name and that people don’t name girls off the first name of a guy. He picked the middle name Jean which is the same as his moms and my moms middle name, plus his grandmas first name. So it already bothered me that everyone is included basically besides my dad, and he keeps telling me it’s a horrible name every time I suggest it 😞 do I let it go? Is it really that bad of a name or an idea? I really don’t like the middle name Jean but I’m letting him have it so I don’t know why I can’t have Davi. My dad and my other 2 babies 🖤

Posted by ash9472 at 2022-08-05 17:53:21 UTC