I’m heading up to my parents lakehouse for a girls weekend with my mom’s sisters and my cousins. It’ll be the first time not having my mom with me for these weekends we’ve been doing all my life 💔. My question is, do any of you struggle with returning to the cemetery after the funeral? I may go this weekend now with the aunts and cousins but I have not there been since we buried her on 6/11. I really struggle with this… I know exactly what she looks like lying in there… I chose her outfit down to her fantastic colorful shoes. Since it’s a small town family cemetery, our extended family and close friends actually dug the grave, my brothers and nephews lowered her casket into the ground, and then we all help bury her. So going back now after we did all that and visualizing her in the ground gives me such mixed emotions. I know that “she’s not there” and is in Heaven but it messes with my head because she IS there,,, we literally dug a hole in the ground and put her there and filled it in with dirt…. 💔

Posted by dianav at 2022-08-05 14:16:43 UTC