The Grief Journey Is Hard & Keeps Hitting Different.. So I Have Tattoos & I Have Had The Same Tattoo Artist For Over 25 years! 3yrs Ago he completed my "Elijah Footprints" to celebrate the short life of my grandson - who would have been 3yrs old Today. Last Summer he created the "Bicycle" tattoo to celebrate the life of my husband who died in April 2021. Now I wake up this morning knowing the day would be difficult. I worry about myself and my daughter who will be missing her son and dad - knowing it will be an emotional day. Only to receive a message that my Tattoo Artist - Chris has DIED. Like What... Of All The Days!! When Will The Season Of Joy Begin... I Love My Tattoos But Knowing Chris will never ink me again makes them mean even more. All of us are trying to move forward - trying to adjust to life and our loss and then BANG something else happens. We fall to our knees again, we got to pick ourselves up and somehow we got to try and keep going. Strength - Digging Deep - Granting Myself Grace - It's All EXHAUSTING. If you made it to this point thanks for reading. One Breath At A Time... One Step At A Time.. Repeated!

Posted by M1VHA at 2022-08-05 05:56:06 UTC