This morning I went to my friends bereavement group coffee morning and I really enjoyed it. At first I was worried it would feel like group therapy but actually it was just a friendly space with people that understand I spent most of it showing off pictures of my children and having a good brew and chat with everyone. Sounds really simple but as a busy mum to two young boys it really gave me the space to have an hour or two to just check in with myself and remember my mum and grandads xxx If you’re in or near Stockport it’s run every first Wednesday of the month 11am - 1pm On the A6 right opposite the crematorium join us it’s really relaxed and a great place. I’m so happy that my friend has thought of this to add to his aftercare program. You don’t have to have used them at all it’s more a place for anyone in the community that needs a safe space for a brew and a breather. So glad I came.

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-08-03 11:30:12 UTC