A poem I wrote for my brother: The Box There’s a box tucked away inside me I’m scared to open it It’s overflowing Overwhelming Heavy I keep it locked It’s full of too many questions Too many emotions Too many memories Road trips Wrestling Late night phone calls Concerts Tattoos Guitars Tacos Biscuits and gravy The way you laughed The way you smiled When I told you I was pregnant Your hand on my belly Inside jokes Goodbye hugs One more hug I’ll never get to give One last text left unread A birthday not celebrated You were going to be a tío A therapist A confidant Brother Friend Sponsor You made me want to be a better person In your own backwards way I was proud of you Looked up to you You protected me I couldn’t protect you How do you fit a lifetime in a box? I peek inside The waves wash over me Caught in the current Drowning Can’t breathe I tuck it away Lock it up I’m not ready to say goodbye I’m not ready to believe you’re gone I’m not ready to open the box To swim against the current To accept the truth

Posted by brejthompson at 2022-08-03 06:20:58 UTC