Somedays you truly wish to talk to your loved one or feel their presence and a gush of wind blows across you, or you start noticing more birds, or the clouds move away for the sun to shine. That's what happened to me today, I was feeling awful and it's been so long since I spoke to my dad. I used to watch his videos and listen to his voice notes but it was too confusing and heart breaking so I stopped. I was on my morning walk and suddenly that wave of realisation came in that he is not with us and how it has become so normal, and I really wished that he would give me a sign that he is around. Suddenly, I see a blue bird that I have never seen flying around here and I also noticed the change in the breeze. It gave me some comfort that he is listening. This is a very bitter-sweet moment but somewhere it helps!

Posted by Kritika17 at 2022-08-02 13:15:28 UTC