Hey all, exactly one month ago on july first my mom called me at 10.30 in the evening. Immediately i knew something is wrong. The thing is: she has breastcancer and has been dealing with it for almost a year now so i thought it had something to do with that. Boy was I wrong. She called me from the ambulance that was rushing my dad to the hospital. He went into cardiac arrest, had a heartattack. Mom and dad were at a party, dancing. After one of his fav songs he just collapsed. Mom tried to catch him. Started screaming. Bystanders tried to perform cpr. Doctors suspect he was already dead right then and there. The ambulance guys kept trying for over an hour. Just as I ran into the hospital my father was decleared dead. I hate that it was so sudden. I hate that the universe took away my seemingly healthy, active, dancing, loving-life dad. Always dancing, walking, biking, having fun with friends. 2 months before he would’ve turned 70. I hate it. How can one enjoy life again when life is so cruel? And besides all of us griefing there’s my poor sweet mom, continuing chemo this week. How?

Posted by Carmen at 2022-08-01 14:45:29 UTC