We lost our baby 2 weeks ago due to Unexpected Miscarriage!! Was there one min and Absorbed into my body the next!! Last I saw her/him was 5 weeks and he/she was there and then at my 7 weeks scan they said it gone but I refused to believe it so asked for a rescan,two hours later the other doc said that I had the right idea as she thinks my dates was wrong!! So went back on Monday and it has most definetly gone 🥺 But they can’t officially diagnose me until this Wednesday as I’m not 9 weeks 🤦🏽‍♀️!! And to have guarded hope!! I refuse to have hope as it’s destroying me,I was never meant to have kids as I was meant to go into early menopause due to cancer treatment and then I didn’t 🥺 then they said I had possible endo and would struggle!! We have always wanted a child and to have it and be taken away so cruelly! I’m really struggling!! I feel so lost xxx

Posted by Amrita davies at 2022-07-31 13:20:07 UTC