Anyone who knows me would say I am open, I dont believe in hiding thoughts or feelings and encourage others to be and share. My loss has ripped me apart and the world wants it shut and be the acceptable face. This community has allowed me to share and been so open. I can see this us what we do we support each other in our time of devastation. This morning I have realised that I wont be the same and i dont want to be. I have a new level of appreciation for my life and everyone elses. I know it will be hard staying in this place of honesty with some peoples uncomfortableness but I promise myself to be strong and look for the like souls. I want to say Thank you to everyone here for what you have done to support me, taught me and what you will do. I know I am not through this, I know I need help and support and I feel I have found a safe space πŸ™πŸ’—

Posted by paula at 2022-07-30 07:44:45 UTC