Hello All, I lost my mother on 13 May 2022 due to Liver cirrhosis I tried in each and every way to save her,but God had different plan I am still coping with my loss,Having my homeopathy treatment is going on.. i still cry suddenly at any time day,day-night. For first few days I was not able to accept the truth and my mind was not able to accept . it was creating pain n my mind and body.. Now thanks to my doctor who has given me treatment.Now I cry a lot and get it out I miss her everyday.. She was young,vibrant and full of life .Love you Mom But I struggle to remember her in good times , I remember her on hospital bed in her last moments.This haunts me every time.Anyone with this type of problem,Love to hear Hoping to get love and hope from this new community here💕

Posted by tomhigh1111 at 2022-07-30 04:26:26 UTC