It’s been almost two months since my dad has passed. Some days , like today..this week actually ..have just felt so heavy . I feel like I can physically feel in my body the heavy sadness. I feel like everything takes so much effort. Life hasn’t stopped and it makes me angry sometimes. It makes me angry that people around me are going about their lives and nothing has changed for them. It makes me angry when people talk about petty problems. My mom sold the house that her and my dad lived in together. They had sold it before he passed but she is officially moved out today and it just feels like that connection I had to him..another thing has been ripped away. This is where grief settles in I feel like. Not in the first days and weeks but down the road. Where everything is a constant reminder they are gone. I miss my Dad so much. It’s an agony I have never felt before. I don’t even really know how to put words to this pain but it feels consuming.

Posted by woytuik822 at 2022-07-29 05:38:23 UTC