Hello everyone, I'm new to the group today, My dad, best friend, biggest supporter,.... My whole world to be accurate, left me ten weeks ago tomorrow. I hate Thursdays πŸ’” I went to bed on a Thursday night and at 2.40am got a call to go to hospital. My dad had a rare cancer, but having been given 3mths to live..... He was smashing all expectations 17mth later. We still don't know how he really died. His cancer was stable. We've been given two causes of death πŸ’” So many unanswered questions which feel like ripping a scab of daily. I thought I was semi prepared to lose him.... I wasn't. The waves are getting bigger... Time isn't healing but making it more real he isn't coming back. I can't believe he's left.... I'm sure we had more time. Everyone else has moved on and I'm in a floaty dream state, just trying to get though days and weeks, constantly running away on little holidays.... praying if I do another one maybe he'll be back this time? I'm an intelligent adult..... But grief has complete dumbfounded me πŸ’” Sending love to all who need it tonight x .

Posted by scougyuk at 2022-07-28 18:16:21 UTC