So this is my very first post and I’m not sure exactly what to share… I’ll start with a back story. May 30th I lost my grandfather to cancer. Since COVID our time together was infrequent and short. I miss him and know I will miss his presence greater during future family events and celebrations. Fast forward 3 weeks… My partners brother died suddenly in a motorcycle accident. This type of grief is harder to wrap my head around compared to losing a sick grandparent. He was 21, healthy, and simply made a mistake. For the past month I’ve been trying to not only navigate my own feelings of loss. But also am trying to be there emotionally for my partner and his family. If anyone has any suggestions on best ways to be there for someone who has lost a brother/relative so suddenly and tragically I really need anything I can get. Thanks 💕

Posted by savery1033 at 2022-07-27 16:05:31 UTC