Yesterday my daughter asked to visit her Dad at the cemetery. She bought sunflowers,yellow roses and brilliant blue agapanthus. We walked over to his newly dug grave and I found myself putting large pieces of chalk in place, sort of “tucking in@. My daughter pushed the sunflowers into the ground. We talked about headstones and flowers to grow. We were thinking of lavender and sunflowers because he loved our time in the south of France. We looked at headstones and thought what we will have for him. My daughter said she always wants it to be beautiful. The day was very cloudy, humid and the air was very still. The place is peaceful. My daughter said goodbye my Daddy. I wanted to scream,, to tear my clothes. When we got home my body felt all the energy had been sucked out. I would give everything for more days with him, to feel his skin, to see the light in his eyes, to feel his arms round me, to hear his voice. …..

Posted by omegakal at 2022-07-27 05:15:03 UTC