Hi, I’m here to connect with people willing to talk about death. To look it in the eye. To …B.E… with it as a part of life. Without death, we don’t get life…. Right? I keep telling myself this. I think I believe it. I’m in an interesting space with death and grief. November 2022 my husband separated with me. We’d been together 10 years. I know this isn’t his physical death, and it feels the same in many ways as everything about my life before has changed - job, career, location, support system, group of friends. In my processing of this, my Aunt passed away last November. And since December, I have been living with my parents (which is a challenge in itself for me) while trying to support them through the long deteriorating health of my Dad that now has him in hospice care at home … at home is key. It sounds like that would be ideal for end of life. And it’s been the most stressful and challenging thing I’ve ever been a part of. He’s still with us and really doesn’t want to be. His primary condition is congestive heart failure. I’m grateful to finally be reaching out & looking to connect with others living with and acknowledging death as part of reality. Thanks for being here🙏

Posted by LivingRhythm at 2022-07-25 22:10:40 UTC