Struggeling today. Really need to talk to my mom about her being gone. Tomorrow is my first job interview where I'm going without being able to call her right before and right after. So far there's nothin' acceptable in losing a parent. We should all live together and die together when we're really old. I started (for the second time btw) driving school last summer in my hometown where my mom lived but I didn't at the time. I was almost half way through when we finally had a chance to move here too. And when my mom got sick and I lost her, just when I got closer to her. And I haven't been able to continue with my school. And can you guess the reason? Cause last summer, every time I had a lesson, then after that I always went to my moms place, she lived near, and we ate something good and talked. She so wanted me to get my licence done, she didn't have her own and then we would go on trips together. And maybe I am totally weird, even here, but I haven't been able to go back since. I know I have to and I already paid for that but. I am sorry for the huge story. And thank you for reading this. Hope you all have a better day 💛

Posted by Triinu at 2022-07-25 10:51:09 UTC