I visited the area where the love of my life grew up as a kid. It was a surreal experience. He always had said he wanted to go back there together. He hadn’t seen it since he was a young teen and barely remembered anything about it. Or where his old childhood house was. I still haven’t located it yet. But it was amazing to drive those streets, both day and night, and cry. And feel. Oh the feelings. Longing. Happiness. Proud, to have made it there even without him by my side. Heartache. Loneliness. And somehow I hadn’t felt as close to him since his passing as I did in that moment. It was needed. It was necessary. And I hope to make that 1900 mile trip to go see it again, for an extended period of time. Maybe I can find answers there. Maybe I can bring one or all of his kids there with me next time. I just know it felt like home, even having never been there before in my life. It felt like home.

Posted by Kimberly at 2022-07-25 03:59:30 UTC