Got my bachelors diploma in the mail this week and I was happy, but I think my mom, sister and stepmom were more thrilled than I was. This is my dad and I, when I graduated Fullerton College and received my associates. He was so happy for me, so when I got my bachelors in the mail I would haved loved telling my dad and then him telling me "see kid arent you happy you listened your pops" haha...he's the one that also told me "hey if you go into the Navy and get out you can use your benefits for school, you'll have a lot of opportunities for a good job and life" which I did and I'm happy I did that but oh boy I only wish my dad was a part of my big day at Cal State and receiving my bachelors. I know I still have my mom and sister and they're also my big supporters but I don't know missing my dad on a big day just sucks πŸ’”

Posted by sammendi63 at 2022-07-25 02:59:24 UTC