In the morning, I was feeling okay until I watched a video about the stages of grief. I broke down specially when she started talking about bargaining and depression steps. I didn't know who to contact at that moment for a second I felt lonely. Most of my friends barely contact me and when they do they talk about themselves. No one text me to check on me except few people. I tried to contact some of them today because it was a tough day seriously I am the one who is calling for help. They didn't answer so I thought that I should stop be co dependent and wait for anyone to support me. Grief feels like hell and I feel suffocated but I can be there for myself I won't beg for people to care for me or go crying to them again. My therapist told me before that everyone has his own issues and they can ask about me but not a must to be everyday but some of them don't ask at all. I don't know I'm taking it personally or what tbh.

Posted by Rouii at 2022-07-24 21:38:44 UTC