A little something to soothe your Sunday.... It's always the worst day of the week now as I lost my darling James suddenly on a Sunday morning 20 weeks ago. He loved the communal garden where we live and last year we bought a wildlife camera to capture the night time goings on. He used to set the camera up each night and then we checked the night's footage the next morning. I have continued to do this every day and it gives me a lot of comfort. Before James died we saw that one of the foxes was pregnant. He was so excited about the prospect of cubs. Here they are on Friday night. 2 beautiful cubs. They are called Badgers and Hamse - two James's nicknames. I hope Badgers doesn't get confused! I hope you can see them from where you are my darling. I know how happy you will be xx

Posted by Geraldine at 2022-07-24 07:37:37 UTC