Hi everyone On July 1st I received the news I never thought I’d hear, that my beloved Dad suddenly passed away during a holiday break. Yesterday we finally had his funeral service. Because we had to wait three weeks it sort of felt like I was working through things relatively ok but now I just feel numbed out and sad. Objectively I know this expected but I’m leaning in to the emotions just to try and feel it and work through it. I’m feeling heartbroken and robbed because I feel too young to be without my Dad. My Dad’s passing is extra hard because we lost his dad two months ago on Good Friday and his mum on New Years. So it’s been a rough ride for six months, and I’m somewhat also carrying my Dad’s grief for losing his own parents. I’m a solitary person with a deep mind so I’m finding it difficult to talk about how I’m feeling past the “I can’t explain this heaviness” so I just wanted to say thank you for holding this space so I can at least write out the pain and letting me express how important my Dad was to me. He was funny, kind, generous, brilliantly minded, thoughtful, charitable, brave and an all round great guy. He believed in equality and stood up for others. I hope to carry on his legacy in a way that he can be proud of.

Posted by Jaggy at 2022-07-23 22:12:42 UTC