I’ve posted a lot about my grief on Instagram the past two years. It’s almost as if the “likes” have dwindled over time. I don’t really know why I should care, but it has started to make me feel differently about myself…like I should be over it or that no one really cares. I realized a few days ago that I was letting it really get to me. Rationally I know most people just don’t understand, but I somehow have convinced myself that others think of me now as someone who needs to just get over it and it has made anger surface in me. I may be right. Maybe that is what the people who have known me most of my life think. I have decided to just stop posting there and let it be. Am I making the right decision? Or should I continue to remind others that my son mattered?

Posted by angiem at 2022-07-23 16:53:48 UTC