I took a thousand moments for granted. Mostly because I thought there would be a thousand more. I hate that I did that. But I know that if I went back in time and lived all of those moments again, I’d probably do the same. But I live those moments again and again in my mind and wish I hadn’t taken them for granted. Wish I’d felt each one a little more. Truth be told, it’s just part of being a human. We are not perfect, we take things for granted, we make mistakes and sometimes we don’t forgive when we should. Or we do when we shouldn’t. We don’t always tell the people we hold most dear how much they mean to us. Because we assume they know. And you can sit and say that grief has changed you (I know it has changed me) and that you’ll not take things for granted and you’ll tell people you love them every chance you get. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. Those things you didn’t do make you feel bad because you’re a decent person. If you had said everything you wanted and done everything you had planned before that huge freight train of grief came along and knocked you off your feet … it still wouldn’t matter. Nothing can prepare you for the feelings you will feel when you’re told that the person you love most is dead. And what I’m trying to say is what I keep saying - mainly so I can read it over again when I’m having my worst days. Be kind. Be gentle on yourself. Because at the end of the day, you are the one who will get yourself through this. Don’t regret the things you didn’t say or do. Remember the things you did. And live the life they would want you to. Sending love to anyone who might need it ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by MrsG at 2022-07-23 15:39:58 UTC