Hi I’ve been reading everyone’s comments for a few days I just don’t know where to start. I lost my mum July 30th 2020. My mum lived in Yorkshire and I’m in the midlands. It all started in may when she start to fall and get very confused. I spoke to my mum everyday and was having to phone my sister to say I couldn’t get through to her or she’s didn’t sound right. All I could do was sit and worry because of lockdown. It totally broke me every minute of everything day. Mum finished up in hospital and that was torture she was very confused and just getting worse then she got covid. The hospital managed to get her into a home and unbeknown to us she couldn’t walk she could hardly talk and also had bed sores. The home said she was eating and drinking but over the few weeks she was getting weaker and thinner. We had a few family zoom calls I could see she was dying but nobody would listen or let me go see her. I just needed to hold her hand. Mum passed away on the 30th July. I’m broken and don’t know how to except losing my mum.

Posted by wendyann094 at 2022-04-17 17:35:43 UTC