hi everyone! i just joined this app today so im VERY new here.. in march last year i unexpectedly lost my step dad. i’ve known him since i was 5 years old and since the day we met we clicked so incredibly fast. i saw him more than just my parent, like a best friend. he was the funniest person i have known and will forever know. his death has impacted my life but what has made it the hardest that he’s my “step” parent. i have gotten comments from people i’ve known that i need to get over it because i have my other parents and he wasn’t my real parent because we aren’t blood. i feel like my loss has been pushed aside. it’s very hurtful to me and it’s harder for me to cope with it. idk hopefully coming on here will help me get through and relating to other people. 🤍

Posted by nicolexoxo at 2022-07-23 00:21:04 UTC