Hi I am Kriti. Nearly 8 months ago, I lost my dad to cancer. While most would think a cancer death would be somewhat predictable, the case was entirely different here. He had one of the rarest forms which is very difficult to diagnose. It wasn't until one week before he passed, did we really know why he was in the condition he was. By that time, he was already unconscious. I don't know if it was good or bad that he didn't get to know of his diagnosis. I often wonder if in his semi-conscious state he knew that he was dying. A part of me is thankful we didn't have to break the news to him or see him realise he was dying. Another part wishes he had been awake, to atleast pour his heart out and we would get to say our goodbyes, however painful. The reality is, we are all helpless in such situations. It's nice to connect with a community that makes me feel like one of them - grief is such a shared emotion, and yet makes you feel so lonely. Worst of all, it's endless. Hope we are all able to heal atleast parts of us! ❤️

Posted by kriti at 2022-07-22 19:15:39 UTC