I just lost the only person in my life I felt who knew me to my core. My best friend, dad, everything to me. I don’t know how to deal. I can’t stop crying. It’s day two and I have two young kids but I just can’t keep myself together I don’t know what to do. I keep spinning in circles of sorrow, anger, confusion, guilt. So many things and I just can’t take it. I just want to talk to him. I tried so hard but not hard enough to get in contact with him this past month and the night before tried to call him. I cried that night to my husband about missing him and wanting to tell him I love him and then the next morning (yesterday) I heard the news. I am so broken. My body hurts. I can’t function. How do I get better I can’t take this.

Posted by cmbriault at 2022-07-22 17:25:10 UTC