Had a sudden realisation today....have been planning some quite large home improvements that we had planned together when my husband was still here with me, all throughout that long summer of lockdown in 2020. He died on 3rd Nov, 20, suddenly & unexpectedly with my little sis passing only 10 weeks later from a long battle with cancer. So I hadn't felt ready to even think about starting the improvements until several weeks ago. I'm now feeling quite excited about the changes & even, dare I say it, looking forward to it. Then I caught myself feeling guilty that I'm moving forward, as if that also means moving away from both of them, my man & my sis. But I'm not moving away from them, I realise, I'm just in another phase of this grief journey & I know they would be proud of me. I've even incorporated some things they would have liked into what I'm doing. It's strange this grief thing...so complex! Xx

Posted by thill1 at 2022-07-22 09:50:49 UTC