Hello Everyone, let me just start about a briefed Introduction about myself. Three years ago, I started to have very painful physical symptoms everyday until I went to many doctors who described this after running some tests as a " panic attack ". I started to doing therapy which showed me that these panic attacks were due to a lot of issues that i didnt even know about until I had them and which increased the dosage of the panic attack and led me eventually to a psychiatrist since it was no longer controllable. During these three years where I have been trying to process the fear of having these panic attacks, the fear of going out thinking that something might happen, the feeling of nausea, vomit, losing weight, nothing to do but crying, I had one person who stood by me through that phase WILLINGLY and that was my lovely Mom. She used to sleep with me in the same room, hold my hand every day, force me to go out with her, made the most amazing food while watching youtube recipes so that I could eat anything, buy me anything that crossed my mind even if she didnt have the money for it.... You know what Moms do ! And just like that I was able to step up on my feet again. 8 February 2022, my mom turned covid positive and had no symptoms at all. Knowing that she was taking the covid needed medicines, on the 5th of March, her symptoms started to show such as coughing blood, she needed high level of oxygen, couldnt eat due to severe nausea... So she was hospitalized in the Covid ICU. On the 10th March, just after a few minutes of me leaving the hospital after she told me she just wants to sleep a bit, i receive a phone call where the doctors inform me that my mom just stepped into a coma due to big amounts of strokes that she had in her brain, stomach, pancreas, liver and spleen and that it will take a matter of days until she dies since due to these strokes she's braindead and only living on machines. There it was, on the 10th of April, after staying in a coma for 30 days, she dies. And thats where everything that happened the three years before, came back twice the dosage. I would like to say that even if im in a deep anxiety phase, i would never question why it was my mom, i would still say the same thing every day " i hope from the bottom of my heart that no one gets to experience that situation or lose any parent, sibling ...". My mother was a healthy women and didnt have any sickness and was 62 years old, in other terms, any one of us doesnt know what might happen the next day, take care of your loved ones and spend time with them as much as you can. Its has been the most hardest, crucial 3 months for me since losing her and I cant imagine how the rest of my life how its gonna be.

Posted by gaya.bn85 at 2022-07-22 07:18:55 UTC