Today (July 21) is 30-days since my dad died - I don’t understand how it’s already been a month or how it’s only a month when it feels like forever. I miss him when I’m driving home from work because I used to call him when I just wanted to chat about my day during the short commute and it hits me every time I’m driving home that I can’t anymore. Thankfully, my job is hybrid WFH right now so I’m not driving home every day but it’s still a wave of grief when I think about calling him. My mom had her first birthday without him on the 12th and, because of her stroke, I’m not sure how much she’s processed or understands that he’s gone which adds another level of grief. I feel like I’m still grieving the death of the mom I used to have a year ago as well as the permanent death of my dad.

Posted by taqara at 2022-07-22 07:05:14 UTC