Grief is a very strange beast isn’t it I’ve had days like yesterday where I didn’t cry at all and although I still know what’s happened it didn’t seem to effect me at all yesterday….. I started to think on that day that I must be an awful person and perhaps one of the only people to “survive grief”. This morning I was scrolling through tiktok and came across a song nothing mum ever knew at all but the lyrics they hit me and the tears came rolling back, the pit in my stomach the ache in my heart just as strong as the day my mum left us 5 months ago. And you know as much as it hurts I’d rather feel it then feel like I’m forgetting her what she meant to me all of the memories. Yesterday felt like forgetting when I’m actual fact I’m now convinced that your brains give us those days to give us a rest from the pain so we don’t become exhausted….so we can continue to live? Who knows xxx

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-04-17 07:02:28 UTC