I lost my big brother, Brett, three weeks ago. His cause of death hasn’t been confirmed but is likely an accidental overdose. He did not have severe addiction issues that I knew of, but he was a troubled person and he dabbled with various drugs over time. Still, I never imagined I’d lose my only sibling in such a tragic, unexpected way so early in life (Brett was 39, I’m 30). It’s just not fair. Not fair at all. Even though we weren’t close in age, we had a very close relationship. Brett was the ultimate goofball and made me laugh uncontrollably. He was a talented chef and was so creative, so intelligent. He knew something about everything, and he could talk to anyone. He had friends from every walk of life - so many people love him. I’ve been functioning “normally” since his passing, but I never stop thinking about him and I carry the pain with me everywhere. I’m jealous of people who still have siblings and people who have “normal” families (our parents divorced a long time ago and it was traumatic for Brett and I, more so him). I’m angry that I’m left alone to take care of our parents. I’m angry that some people continually have to deal with trauma and heartbreak, and some people have no idea what that’s like. As much as my brother’s passing pains me, I’m grateful that we both loved each other so much. He is my hero and always will be. I saw him three days before he passed, and I will cherish that last hug forever. Love always to you, my beautiful brother ❤️🙏🏼 I’ll see you again.

Posted by Kyra Molinaro at 2022-07-21 00:45:30 UTC