Hey everyone, I’m Chloe I’m 19 and I lost my dad just over a year ago today to Stomach and Oesophageal cancer. He was my best friend. I spent a long time in denial about the whole thing until it finally started to feel real about 3 months after he died, as I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So I then reached out for help to untangled. I wanted to try to come to terms with loosing him and what life was going to be like in the future. A year down and a lot of therapy later I’m in a much better and healthier place, with still a long way to go undoubtably. It hasn’t been easy but with a lot of hard work within yourself it really does get easier. So don’t give up. Also, if anyone is around my age and wants to get into contact feel free to msg me. It’s always nice to make friends who know how each other are feeling.

Posted by chloe at 2022-07-20 20:33:09 UTC