I lost my mom to cancer on 6/5/22 after a year long rollercoaster battle for her life. Heartbroken and can’t imagine my life without her. Being a medical provider myself I tried everything in my power to help her be cured but it wasn’t meant to be 💔. It was a hard balance for me in this journey…. as her daughter having hope for a miracle… and as a medical professional seeing the end of the road. Thankful to be at her side with my dad and family until the end. But I wish I could go back in time and ask her how she felt about dying. I felt like I was too focused on caring for her medical needs and keeping her comfortable, that I didn’t just sit with her and talk about our shared life together, how she felt about dying, and saying our good byes. Does anyone feel like this, wishing they could have asked their mom (or dad) how they themselves were feeling as they were facing death? I feel like my own fears kept me from it and I regret not having those conversations.

Posted by dianav at 2022-07-20 00:05:49 UTC