One thing that I'm finding hard at the moment since Nori passed, is how invisible it all seems, like many people have forgotten about it or are to afraid to talk about her. And it got me thinking about all the other people out there that feel the same way or don't have the people around them to remember their little ones. So I was thinking of some how setting something up where people can sign up to get a card from me on difficult dates (like due date/birth/death), it would be totally free. Just me wanted to send out some love and comfort and connet to my baby with yours. I wanted to see whether people thought it would be a good idea and whether anyone would be interested before I do anything. I'd appreciate any feedback on the idea and I am so sorry for your losses. (UK based) πŸ˜πŸ’”

Posted by Skaanoodle at 2022-07-19 21:10:59 UTC