Does anyone else seem to have friends who are constantly competing for grief? The other night I’d had an awful nightmare about more people in my family dying and then that day I went to hang out with friends and my friend started saying how hard it was to have lost her great aunt and then my other friend started going on and on about how hard her grandmother is finding things with her grandfather ill. This conversation was three weeks after my grandma had passed and like I said I’d had a nightmare that night. I’ve lost two grandparents in a year and I make sure never to talk about it in front of friends who have lost parents and siblings and if I ever do mention it, I say that obviously their situation is incomparably worse. I know they appreciate that. I’m not even asking for that I just don’t understand why they have to have these discussions in front of me, it just seems tactless. Can anyone here relate?

Posted by missing21 at 2022-07-19 16:49:32 UTC