It really hurts that material things have outlived my Mum. Her clothes, shoes, favorite perfumes. It just doesn’t make sense. How can they still be here when she’s gone? I remember when we bought each thing, because we’d always go shopping together. I remember how happy she was, and how her face lit up. My Mum loved to wear anything new she bought immediately. She’d laugh at me because I’m not like that. I need to take a bit of time until I use a new purchase. She’d say, why wait? Enjoy it now, or you might as well have not bought it. Some of her things still have the tag on, she had started to get sick and couldn’t wear them. I’m reminded in so many ways of what she didn’t get to enjoy. And it hurts. It always will.

Posted by Jehan at 2022-07-19 13:58:30 UTC