Earlier this year, our loved one supposedly went on a trip to Hawaii. No confirmation but his coworkers in Utah mentioned it. When I went last month, I would sit on the balcony and greet the sunrise. Part of me felt closer to him because this was one of the final places he visited before completing. Part of me also felt deep sorrow for the same reason. Maybe he wanted to spend his money in preparation for what he was about to do? Maybe he was feeling manic? We will never know…On the second day, I cried and cried so much for him. I asked him for forgiveness and a sign that he was okay, “I’m in Hawaii, I want to see a rainbow please” I said. Later that day, he sent me this. Meaningful coincidence? I didn’t see other rainbows the rest of the week. 💙🦋🌈

Posted by mvricole at 2022-07-19 05:01:53 UTC