I miss the way you look at me, I miss pretending I didn’t hear you coming up the stairs from work, I miss you having to tell me an earlier time for the event because you knew it would take me forever to be ready, I miss you cooking, I miss watching you teaching little one how to maneuver around the kitchen, I miss watching you guys wrestling, I miss the kisses on my forehead, I miss not knowing what I wanted to eat and you figuring it out and bringing it to me upstairs with such joy telling me ama love it because it’s “nasty” lol. I miss how you let me know every night and day how much you love me and you’re grateful to have me in your life; but most importantly I miss the fact that you won’t be here to meet our newborn and give him/her the unconditional love that you gave little one and I. I miss you so much.

Posted by Why_me at 2022-07-19 03:08:09 UTC