Cancer is the most brutal and devastating illness. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in July of 2020. He felt fine until February 2021. His symptoms took him to the er in June 2021 when he had emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. He came through ok but lost weight rapidly, 103# in 4 months. He had another emergency surgery in September of 2021 for the same thing but this time his diagnosis came back as terminal with 2-4 months optimistically. His mental status was greatly disrupted. He went to a rehab facility from the hospital for 3 weeks while I got us moved into an apartment. I moved us in on October 23, hospice set up the 23rd, he came home the 25th and passed away the 29th. When he passed, he had 8 different types of cancer but ultimately succumbed to esophageal cancer. Through this transition I also contracted Covid. I lost a lot of my reddish hair from Covid and grief, it’s beginning to come back in white where it’s replenishing. We were married 41 years. It’s a day to day process for me.

Posted by BccL61 at 2022-04-16 14:28:55 UTC