Hey, this is going to be long... Going back 2 year just days before Boris announced lockdown we found out my nanny had a brain tumour, we were told she had around 6 months, we found a care home, I visited her once I remember sitting in her room watching Saturday night TV, a few days later lockdown happened and we weren't allowed to visit, we had plans to make special memories but that couldn't happen. The 22nd may was her birthday and the home allowed a video chat, it was lovely seeing her. 23rd may she contracted covid and went down hill fast, we sadly lost her 2 days later, our world was shattered, my last grandparent. Then was the funeral, there was no household mixing, and limited numbers so I was alone, stood away from my parents and sister (who all live in the same house) it was awful, crying without any comfort. Then around a week later my dog started acting strange and found he had tumours on his spleen, he was booked in for an emergency operation, I dropped him off at the vets said my goodbyes and I never saw him again, the cancer was too far spread, I had to let him go, I never got to say my proper goodbye to him. So much loss in so little time broke me, even to this day I still cry, I have down days, especially now as its coming up to 2 year x

Posted by clairelane82 at 2022-04-16 13:36:51 UTC