I was engaged and had set a date for January 22, 2022. My dad came home in October 23, 2021, and we knew he was going to die. So we threw together a wedding and we’re legally married in my backyard on October 24, 2021 so he could be there. He was able to walk me down the aisle and somehow function through the wedding. At one point, I sat with him on his bed while he was in his tux and me in my wedding dress as he threw up all of his medication. My dad died 6 days later on October 30, 2021. I feel like I haven’t processed any of this. Maybe i never will? I’m just so thankful my dad could be at my wedding. But sometimes it hits me like…I can’t believe that all happened. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem real.

Posted by leahmbart at 2022-07-18 02:51:09 UTC