Today should have been my husband's birthday. It's the first since he died last October - another first in this year of firsts. I'm (sort of) OK and have been well supported by family and friends and we have shared a drink and lots of memories. What is really distressing me is that his daughter has stopped communicating with me - this has been going on since January although, to be honest, she did send a message very late in the day - nearly 11pm - on my birthday in March. I have sent messages in various ways on several occasions over the past months but she does not respond. I know she has lost her father and I know she is grieving and I know they were very close and I know it would be hard for her to come here to my home because her Dad is no longer around and obviously the place is full of him, his things, his projects and so on. I do not underestimate the depth of her loss. I can also understand that she would not necessarily want to see me on my own because he is not around any more. No matter how much I can understand and appreciate the reasons for her not being in touch, the end result is that sometimes I feel angry with her, sometimes I feel distressed and overall I am sad because she has been a part of my life (through my husband) for 27 years and I have known her since she was 17. It’s almost like another bereavement. There are no answers to this and I am not looking for solutions but I just wanted to share how I am feeling. Sorry for a long post and thank you for reading it x

Posted by Primrose at 2022-07-17 20:01:54 UTC