I lost my sister 5 weeks ago today, I still can’t believe she’s gone. I have been thinking more and more recently about her death. My sister was 38. She had MS since the age of 13, this doesn’t make losing her any easier. I grieve the life she should have had, I grieve the children and the loving husband she should have had. She didn’t deserve everything that happened to her, so much pain in her life. My sister was taken into hospital the Thursday before she died, I went to visit her at half 6 Saturday night, the doctors didn’t tell us anything until I got there. They said “you need to call your mum in” and I just knew, K was still talking to me and asking me questions even though she was on oxygen (not unusual, I’ve seen her like this so many times before) she has been on deaths door previously so when she passed away less than 8 hours later I had so much anger and rage towards the hospital, why this time? Why now? Why didn’t they tell us she was dying before I got there? We were too late to tell one of my other sisters so she didn’t arrive in time. In one way I’m so glad I got to say goodbye and be there with her but I feel so many different emotions, she might have been poorly but I never wanted her to leave me 💔 💜💜

Posted by Kay at 2022-07-17 09:49:05 UTC