Hi everyone, new here. Just reading through all of your posts has made me feel like im not alone. It's hard when you don't know anyone personally who has lost a parent at a young age. My mum died at the end of May, she had an autoimmune condition and had recently had a liver transplant. She was doing so much better and was pretty much back to full health, until I brought covid into the home without knowing. She tested positive a week after I did, initially it was just cold symptoms like I'd had but gradually she got more and more ill until she was struggling to breathe. She went into hospital and was put in an induced coma for 4 weeks. We had 4 weeks of absolute hell not knowing whether she would wake up. Eventually the doctors told us her lungs were too damaged and they needed to turn the machines off. We all sat with her whilst she slowly passed away. She was only 51 and she's left me (25) and my brother (21) behind. Our dad left us 15 years ago and we don't have a relationship with him, so our mum was our only parent, our rock and best friend. She was the perfect mum, it was like she was put on this earth purely to be a mother, she loved it and we loved her. I'm scared of the future and everything she won't be a part of, she was so excited to be a grandma and help me choose my wedding dress if I ever got married. I just take everything day by day because if I think long-term I panic and don't know how I will cope. Having my younger brother to care for has given me strength to continue on. Sending love to everyone on here and what you're all going through πŸ’—

Posted by emilygc1996 at 2022-07-14 19:16:55 UTC