We are planning my dads memorial next month. I am not looking forward to it. He died last year and part of me isn’t even ready to let go and accept that he’s gone, let alone a memorial to “celebrate” his life. I sit in my room alone sometimes and say it loud, “dad is gone” and my brain fails to allow this to be true. Dad is in another city with mum. He will be there as he always was when I visited, waiting on the front porch when I pull up, ready to give me a big hug. I am struggling and I don’t know who to talk to about this. I am the first born, I am expected to be strong, to power through my emotions. Truth is I am a little girl who is overwhelmed by life and really use a hug from dad right now

Posted by robsemphere at 2022-07-14 18:45:48 UTC