Truth be told, I am not really sure where to start on here. November 8th, 2021; I got a FaceTime from my parents, they were in the hospital. I remember being frustrated because the quality of service was horrible and I could barely hear my mom talking to me… then I heard “something is wrong with dad, we aren’t sure what, but everything will be okay.” November 18th 2021 my dad was diagnosed with duodenal adenocarcinoma, soon to be told to us as Stage 4. I had no idea what that even was, and this was my Google search result; “ Duodenal cancer is a rare but fast-spreading cancer in your small intestine, or bowel. It's also called duodenal adenocarcinoma. The name comes from the word duodenum, the wide and short top part of the small intestine. This is where the contents of your stomach enter your lower digestive tract.” On March 1st 2022, my amazing father passed away from this Cancer. It took him away from me and to Heaven. I feel like this will be my place to fully talk authentically about my experience, who my dad was and is, the stages of grief I experience/and how they manifest on my day to day, etc. who knows what will come up… but that’s what everyday is like these days. Life was a living hell between November-March, running on constant crisis mode and adrenaline. The only “win” was how much time we got with him. The dust has settled, the real world sucks.

Posted by rissyjay at 2022-07-14 01:55:47 UTC