Sitting this morning in my backyard, looking at my mom’s potted plants imbedded amongst my plants… makes me smile, it makes me feel she’s sitting there next to me. For some odd reason, picking up the mail bring a whole different emotion- as it read ‘to the estate of…’ and i started bawling 😭 I guess it adds to the stamp of reality that she is gone. My parents have a sweet system when it comes to the mail… as soon as it arrives, dad takes it out of the box and takes the letter opener and runs it through every single mail… he organizes it for my mom to go through… she has a throw away pile and a keep file, when done my day takes the security inked roller and starts blocking their addresses from them then places them in the recycling bin. Day in day out they do this, except for Sunday. I miss them 💜

Posted by MariJo at 2022-07-13 19:10:33 UTC