I’ve been struggling a lot recently. A lot of abuse happening in the family and with Britt gone. I had this dream, I just woke up. I went inside a movie theater, it was packed with people I knew and didn’t. I saw Brittany, she was younger, as a child, in the dream. I remember bawling my eyes, crying and I hugged her. She had this smile of reassurance and that everything will be ok, that God is still with me and that he haven’t and will not leave me. She had little braids I think, she was a very adorable child. I was still crying and saw our friend Sydney, it used to be the three of us, we went to sit by her and I asked Britt if she wanted to and she said yes but then the seats were taken. Then I had another dream where I had heart surgery. I’m thankful for having this dream and seeing her again. In the dream I knew somehow that this was a visitation dream, that she was visiting me again. Thank you Britt, like how we used to talk about God, you got me back with him ❤️ She smiled like she was so happy, when seeing me. My memories are bad, I’m glad that I remembered.

Posted by RED at 2022-07-13 15:03:37 UTC